An End To Migraine Headaches – for Good!

Are you tired of dealing with Migraines? If you`re one of the 37 million Americans suffering with migraine headaches, neurofeedback training offers an entirely new approach for ending them. No drugs, just lifelong relief from the symptoms associated with migraines and chronic headaches.

How Does Neurofeedback Work?

Researchers believe that migraines can frequently be the result of excessive brainwave activity, which then cascades into a migraine headache. Medications are designed to lessen the symptoms, but are no help for the underlying brainwave imbalances. As a result, you end up treating the symptoms, not the cause of the headache itself. On the other hand, neurofeedback does just that – correct the underlying brainwave imbalances that can lead to the migraine headaches in the first place!

First We Measure Your Brainwave Balances

To determine if your migraines are related to brainwave imbalances, we perform a Quantitative Electro-Encephalogram, also known as a “brain map”. First done in 1924, EEG`s are nothing new. However, using the data to create a brain training protocol to balance the brainwaves is a more recent development. The advent of modern computers has truly pushed this technology to the forefront in drug-free headache relief.

Neurofeedback Training Is Easy and Painless

Once we`ve measured your brainwave output, you will be provided with a personalized neurofeedback training protocol designed to balance your brainwave activity. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and watch a movie! While the video is playing, there will be sensors placed on your scalp, designed to measure brainwave activity in real time. If your brain starts to go too fast, (As it does before a migraine appears), the video output changes, training your brain to slow down. The video and audio output represents the feedback portion of neurofeedback training. Since the feedback is based on your actual brainwave activity, it`s very successful at teaching your brain to slow down, allowing you to remain in control. The result – No more migraine headaches!

Since this training is completely natural, there are no side effects!

The Effects Are Long-Lasting

This feedback learning process is known as “operant conditioning”. It`s a completely natural process that you brain uses every day to learn anything new. If you ever learned to ride a bike, or play an instrument, you`re familiar with how the brain uses this process to learn to do new things- with properly designed repetition. And, just like that bicycle, once your brain learns the new, healthier way of staying balanced, the improvements can remain for a lifetime.

Ready To Feel Better?

Give us a call at 703-335-9149 or schedule your Free Initial Evaluation with Dr Carlton. It includes a preliminary brain map, and a full, one-on-one consultation. This is where you have can all of your questions answered, and see if neurofeedback makes sense for eliminating your migraines – permanently.