The Carlton Neurofeedback Clinic was founded because we wanted to offer the same healing and relief that Dr. Carlton had personally experienced (see his personal story). Learn what our patients have experienced in their own words and why they recommend neurofeedback with Dr. Carlton to their friends and family.  Find more patient stories in our eBook.

My Name is Valerie Shumate.

I am the office manager of Carlton Neurofeedback Center and have worked for Dr. Carlton for 22 years. Neurofeedback training is a fascinating and effective treatment. When we started offering this service, I was surprised to hear that neurofeedback training had been around for over 45 years!

I, like many of the people who come to see us, was very hesitant at first. It truly seemed too good to be true. My personal experience has been extremely positive. I first did Neurofeedback training primarily for focus and memory. Yes, I’m getting older but not old enough to lose my memory! I followed the steps that all of our patients do, filling out the preliminary paperwork and cognitive questionnaire, brain mapping and subsequent treatment plan. I did the recommended training sessions, and the results truly amazed me. My thoughts are clearer, and I am able to articulate my words more effectively. Those closest to me really noticed an improvement in my memory. My memory improved in part because my brain was thinking more clearly, and I was able to focus on the conversation at hand, rather than thinking about a million other things while they were talking.

In addition to overcoming my primary concerns, Neurofeedback also helped in other areas. Including improved sleep which led to waking up with more clarity and a readiness to take on the day. A complete added bonus for me! The training also helped me to discard negative thoughts quickly and replace them with positive thoughts.

As much as Neurofeedback has helped me, the greatest joy I get from my job is seeing the transformation in our patients. The children that come in the office make me smile, because let’s face it kids are cute! However, the true happiness comes as I see the changes

Valerie Shumate
My son and I were diagnosed ADHD/ADD at the same time. Now given his age I thought it best to put him and me on medication. As he got older I decided that it was time to search for alternatives for the medication. A friend of mine said that Neurofeedback worked well for her daughter. I started researching providers in the area and found Carlton NeuroFeedback. While I was skeptical at first because of the price, I decided to give it a try. Needless to say, the environment at Carlton NeuroFeedback is very friendly. The staff members always know your name and greet you with a friendly smile. As for the neurofeedback, the results at just about 8 weeks in are phenomenal. To start my son and I both have slept much better since beginning the treatment. We both find that we are much calmer and less anxious. Now my son has always been a student that has tried very hard. His grades have fluctuated and he became very frustrated when he didn’t do good. Well, that has changed because now instead of getting upset he is much more optimistic and positive. ADHD/ADD is different in all people and seeing a completely different attitude in my son confirms that I made the right choice. As an adult with ADD I, too, am pleased with my results.
Miz P
The treatments Dr. Carlton offers have really changed my life for the better. I look forward to every session and find that the feelings of anxiety I had when I started are completely gone. I also feel stronger and calmer in general and believe I am thinking more clearly since I started my program. It’s so nice to be able to make decisions more easily! Plus, Dr. Carlton and the staff at Carlton NeuroFeedback Center are really wonderful. Life-changing program and great place!
Susan M
I have been coming here for neuro biofeedback sessions for about two months, and have seen remarkable improvement in managing anxiety, panic attacks, and depression. The staff are always warm, kind, and welcoming. The sessions have become something I look forward to. Pretty cool stuff.
Evan L
My husband and I totally recommend it. We are impressed how this protocol works on our six old boy who is diagnosed with developmental delays. His teachers didn’t know about [neurofeedback training] when they told me that our son has shown progress at school and this happened after the first session…We can see from very beginning of these sessions our sweet boy can focus for a longer stretch of time and is less distracted. He is calmer and [is able to] speak more and better. We are so glad to meet Dr. Carlton and his team. They are very friendly and professional people. Thanks, Dr. Carlton for your dedication to the community and God bless you.
Janet S
I’ve been bringing my son into see Dr. Carlton for NeuroFeedback treatments now for about six weeks. He has ADHD and is taking a stimulant prescribed by his primary doctor and I was searching for reasonable alternatives to daily medication. During this time he has been receiving treatments twice a week consistently. Today I’m happy to say that I’ve noticed positive change in his behavior and academics. His handwriting and study habits have improved significantly and he’s gone up several points in math and reading. We were referred to Dr. Carlton through a friend and I’m so happy that we gave this a try. In addition, the staff is top notch! On our second visit they knew our names and treated us special and not like a number. Completely different experience than any other clinic that I’ve ever visited.
Shaun W
Highly recommend neurofeedback and Dr. Carlton. I’ve suffered since I was a child with debilitating depression, anxiety, and PTSD. I spent almost 20 years try to get help through traditional talk therapy and pharmaceutical treatments, leaving me feeling hopeless. I had accepted that I would have to deal with this for the rest of my life – that I would have to battle it forever and try to protect my loved ones from it until Dr. Carlton introduced me to neurofeedback. In a few months of this non-invasive treatment, I feel like a new person! It’s been 6 months since I first started neurofeedback and I have not had a single bout of depression or an anxiety attack. I look at the world differently now. I am able to keep my emotions under control and handle stress better than ever before. Everyone around me has noticed a difference whether or not they knew about my struggles. Quite frankly, it’s the best thing I could have done for myself and I am so excited. Thank you to Dr. Carlton and staff – Rae, Valerie, Diane, Lindsay – they are all wonderful, caring people, who truly want to help people. They helped me and I am eternally grateful.
Chanda C
Not only have they helped me with chronic back issues, but with a new technology, brain training, they’ve been able to significantly reduce my anxiety. My anxiety was at a point where it was taking over my life, preventing me at times from participating in activities even while on holiday. I couldn’t have dreamed that by simply watching TV with a few things on my head over a period of time, would make such a great impact. Now I barely have a second thought about committing to anything. I can’t stress how important this has been for me.
Kimberly P
I have been going to Dr. Carlton for a fair amount of time originally for chiropractic care. It’s been a great help, but for me receiving neurofeedback has been life changing. I started very severely depressed. No hope and barely hanging on. My depression is very long standing. Neurofeedback is the only thing that has made a difference. I’m doing so much better and Dr. Carlton and the whole team have been so very supportive. I tried so many things for so long I can’t begin to tell you what a personal miracle it has been. I’m very grateful.
JoAnne K
My granddaughter has been receiving NeuroFeedback for ADD twice a week since late October. We have noticed improved focus during homework time. When she is unable to complete class work because of distractions or inability to focus, she goes to the counselor’s office to finish the work. There has been a reduction in the number of times she needs to leave the room because she’s focusing better. She has struggled in school since first grade. This semester she brought home a certificate for making the “B” honor roll. Wow! What a jolt of confidence that gave her! During our initial conversations, Dr. Carlton explained the painless procedure and answered our questions. We’ve been very satisfied with her progress thus far.
Shirley B
Doctor Carlton and his staff are knowledgeable and give great service. I have seen great results since I have gone on [neurofeedback treatments]. I have recommended family and friends to Dr. Carlton.
Glenda M
This [neurofeedback] program with Dr. Carlton and his health team has literally saved my life! I was plagued for years, going from doctor to doctor with very little answers and no relief. That all changed after my sessions with Dr. Carlton! I am no longer crippled with GI problems, body pain, miscellaneous symptoms and debilitating anxiety… I can actually leave my house, not be couch-bound and enjoy life again!! It’s amazing to feel like a happy, healthy, young adult after all this time!
Jessica C
As someone who is bipolar and suffers stress related anxiety, I highly recommend neuro biofeedback. I am noticing marked difference in my behavior. No more wild mood swings, I sleep much better and the anxiety attacks have pretty much gone! Thanks to Dr. Carlton for introducing me to this amazing technology!
Karen B
I had trouble sleeping for years. I usually got 3-4 hours of sleep and I had no energy. I now get 6-8 hours of sleep and feel wonderful. I highly recommend the treatments.
Diane D
After having a dramatic change in health, I decided to see a neurologist to find out why I was having a breakdown. Test after test showed my numbers to be fine, I went from doctor to doctor, specialist to specialist for an answer and everything came out perfectly fine. Though the neuro problems subsided for a month or two, it came back worse. This time the panic, the anxiety, and the fear almost broke me down. It affected my social interactions, my work, and family time. I was a complete mess. Almost 10 months later, I went to my normal chiropractic doctor for a check up and I addressed my issue. He said he had the answer to what I been looking for. After my first neurofeedback visit, I can say I slept almost a whole week with no issues for the first time in 6 months. Time and sessions went and my anxiety, fear and panic went down over 50%. My family is happy that I’m managing myself great and my social gatherings are back to normal. This isn’t a get quick fix, this takes time but it’s worth the investment because it saves all the massive hospital bills and mental breakdowns. Dr. Carlton is serious and straight up about this treatment and believes it can work on you, but it’s up to you to take control of the situation to seek help
McNitequil H
My experience with the neuro biofeedback team was great and very helpful for retraining my brain to better focus on handing daily stressors. Thank you!
Laura B
As a long term patient, I decided to give the Neuro Biofeedback a try. I have been suffering with insomnia for years. As a result I have not been able to focus at work and have gained weight that just won’t come off. After only 4 sessions I am starting to see a marked improvement in my sleep pattern and feel more focused at work. I highly recommend this service and hope to have continued success as I progress through the program.
Debbie C
I first saw Dr. Carlton a little over two years ago. My husband had just passed away and for the three years prior, I had pretty much been a full time caregiver. My body, not to mention my psyche, was in need of some real help. Dr. Carlton suggested a course of action which included periodic adjustments and massage therapy. That in itself made a great difference in my overall wellness. Then about a year ago it was suggested that I try neurofeedback. I did the map reading and a course was set for what I have fondly called my “attitude adjustments”. I can’t put it into words, but almost immediately felt a sense of wellbeing. It’s very subtle, but very effective and I am very glad to have done it. I owe them an enormous debt of gratitude. Dr. Carlton and the entire staff have been great!
Candace G
My experience with Carlton Neurofeedback Center has changed my life for the better. Before starting this treatment, I have always battled with my symptoms of ADHD of short attention-span, extreme difficulty with focus and completing tasks in an efficient manner, as well as time-management. I also struggled with controlling my emotional impulsivity and handling daily stressors, and most notably, the new stress that comes along with being a full-time college student. But since starting my sessions only a short time ago, I have seen significant improvement in my ability to focus and my attention span, helping to better manage my symptoms of my ADHD, as well as my ability to handle daily life situations and stress. Now, after only about two months of treatment, I have not only seen a huge difference in how efficient I am in studying and completing my school work at college, but also I, along with my family and friends, have seen a remarkable difference in my ability to handle stress and keep my emotions in check and under control; I am like a whole new person!! I am so incredibly happy with the progress I have made and the person I have been able to grow into thanks to the help of the Carlton Neurofeedback team. They all are extremely kind, helpful, and encouraging with every visit I go to. They truly want to help and make a difference in the lives of their patients. I cannot thank Dr. Carlton and his staff enough for all that they have done for me and for all that they will continue to do for me as I keep making progress. I am forever grateful and thankful for Carlton Neurofeedback Center and the opportunity I have been given to change my own life for the better. I highly recommend this treatment and think it can seriously make a huge positive difference in the lives of those who struggle not only with ADHD like myself, but with so many other conditions.
Meredith H