To all of our patients:

We are pleased to announce our reopening on May 4th. We have had our office deep-cleaned, and have made a number of changes in our procedures to protect everyone coming in for training. Our normal process includes sterilizing the equipment after each use – this was always the case, even before the coronavirus appeared. Now, we are providing sterile pens for signing in, and have arranged to have the doors open to our office open at all times during business hours.

For our staff, we are monitoring their temperature daily, and they will wear masks while working, minimizing any potential for spread of the virus. We have also arranged the chairs in our two reception areas to allow for social distancing while you wait for your training session to start.

The result – a safe, relaxing place to feel better in.

Valerie, Kelly, and Nancy will be reaching out to schedule your first return session starting Monday, April 22.  This will include a 15 minute re-evaluation with me, to discuss your case (or your child`s), and decide how best to re-start the training program.

After 6 weeks, we are excited to be returning and look forward to seeing you soon!


Dr Edward D Carlton DC  BCN
P.S. The staff can be reached at (703) 335-9149, or complete our contact us form.