Recent studies have shown that cognitive decline in healthy old age is neither universal nor inevitable. There are a number of factors within our control that can help with the cognitive decline associated with aging. Proper nutrition, social engagement, physical exercise, and cognitive activity all play a part in improving our brain health as we age.

Neurofeedback training offers a specialized form of both physical and cognitive activity – custom designed to improve your brainwave balance, resulting in improved cognition, memory, focus and concentration. One of the key advantages to neurofeedback is that each training protocol is individually developed based on your very own brain map. This brain map, also known as a QEEG, provides detailed measurements of how your brain is working, in real time values.

EEG`s themselves are not new. First done in 1924, we have a great deal of dependable data on how our brains generate electricity across the neural pathways of the brain. With modern technology, these impulses can be measured and compared to other brain maps to determine if someone has areas of imbalance. These imbalances can be related to resulting brain functions, such as memory, focus and concentration.

The resulting analysis is what determines the course that neurofeedback training will take to improve the areas that showed to be out of the optimum range. The training itself is pleasant, and completely natural. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and watch a video that you choose yourself.

While watching the show, your neural output is measured using small sensors placed lightly on your scalp. When the output goes out of the optimum range, the video provides feedback by changing the focus of the movie itself. These measurements are in real time, and happen continuously over the training session itself.

With this feedback, your brain learns to remain more balanced, by developing new “mental muscles” in the form of new, healthier neural pathways. This training uses your brain`s natural neural plasticity to improve, and can result in long term improvement of brain function.

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