Consider investing in yourself to improve your well-being and your career. Improved health and mental focus can help you balance the stressors of daily living while keeping you headed toward your goals. Maybe you are seeking a promotion, a career shift, starting your own business or finding an innovative way to create more balance in your work-home life. If you’re looking for a boost to help you improve your executive function and performance, neurofeedback training can help.

What is Executive Function & Why Do I Need It?

Executive function refers to the complex neurological processes in the frontal lobe of our brain that helps us plan, manage time, and get organized. This is where we learn to keep details in our head, come up with different ways to solve problems, and start and complete tasks. This requires a complex set of skills such as being able to pay attention, self-monitor, and regulate emotions. These skills are developed in childhood and improve over time as adults benefit from a lifetime’s worth of experience. Unfortunately, executive function can decline in older adults due to normal aging says one study. Another study found that as adults grow older their brains tend to become less organized or less inter-connected. How do you get your edge back? It’s not as hard as you might think.

Self-Improvement Through Neurofeedback Training

Fortunately, there are ways to improve your performance that can directly impact your work performance. Neurofeedback training can help you regain your focus and reduce mental clutter that can impact memory and organization. It also relies on the neuroplasticity of your brain and its ability at any age to learn and create new neural pathways to reverse age-related cognitive decline. In fact it could be possibly one of the most unique professional development regimens you have ever encountered. Before you get started, you receive a free evaluation to learn more about what your goals are with treatment and what specific symptoms you may be experiencing – Is it with memory, attention, or emotional issues? Then, we conduct a brainmap or qEEG to give us a roadmap and use it to design a personalized training regimen to reorganize and balance the signals in your brain. After patients start the training regimen, many of them tell us the first thing they notice right away is that their quality of sleep improves. As training continues, performance improvements follow.

Professional Development as Self-Care

This training doesn’t alter your personality or change who you are. It simply is a training gym of sorts to help your brain make new connections that keep it in balance, which helps better regulate emotional states, improves attention and focus, and enhances working memory, too. All of these skills are keys to improving your performance edge, helping you break out of patterns or start new ones, and sharpening your cognitive performance over time.  Best of all, these weekly training sessions are only half an hour, painless, non-invasive, and the results last a long time. Once your brain learns new ways to respond, it continues learning much the way we remember how to swim year after year.

Flexible Saving Accounts a Way to Save

While neurofeedback training can help you enhance your cognitive abilities, it is not often covered by traditional health insurance. However, if you have a health savings account or flexible savings account that are designed to pay for health-related expenses, they can be used toward neurofeedback therapy. If your aim is to improve your workplace performance, it may also be eligible as a professional development expense to help you make your business or organization more successful.  Either way, this training is an investment in your self-care, confidence, and the advancement of your natural skills and abilities.

Let Us Help You Rise to the Top

Carlton Neurofeedback Center in Manassas, Virginia, is dedicated to helping our patients reach their performance goals by re-balancing their brain activity, one neurofeedback session at a time. We offer free evaluations to see if this innovative technology might be right for your unique situation and to answer any questions you might have. Learn more about our clinic and read what our patients have to say about the benefits neurofeedback has had on their lives.