Recent studies have shown the effectiveness of neurofeedback training in slowing and improving the onset of Alzheimer`s disease and dementia.

A 2016 study of Alzheimer`s patients reveals:

“The individual results, analyzed with a reliable change index (RCI), showed that patients who received neurofeedback treatment had stable cognitive functions. These patients showed improvement in memory after neurofeedback and other cognitive functions were stable. In addition, an improvement was observed in recall of information and recognition.”

In July 2009, a study published in The Journal of the Alzheimer`s Association came to the following conclusions:

“Pre-post treatment scores displayed significant improvements in verbal and visual memory, as well as improvements in behavior and executive functioning in Alzheimer`s patients.”

Early Detection Is Important

In both cases, if the best results are desired, the need for early detection and treatment are emphasized. That`s why I offer a Free Initial Evaluation to anyone concerned with their potential for cognitive decline. During this evaluation, I will be able to determine if you or a loved one is at increased risk of dementia as you age.

First We Measure Your Brain Health

At Carlton NeuroFeedback Center we use an advanced technology, called a qEEG (Quantitative Electroencephalogram) to measure and analyze the electrical flow in each lobe of the brain. For example, if your memory issues are the result of an imbalance in Theta waves, we`ll find it.

Then We “Retrain Your Brain” to Work More Efficiently

Once the measurements are completed, you will be provided with a personalized training protocol to improve any underlying imbalances. The training sessions are pleasant and enjoyable. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and watch a movie!

During the training session, we will have sensors measuring your brainwaves, and the equipment provides audio and visual feedback based on your results. Just like physically exercising your body develops new muscle tissue, over time, neurofeedback creates new neural pathways in your brain. These new healthier pathways are the doorway to better mental acuity and functioning. All without taking a single pill!

Find out how it can help – Free!

If you’re ready to explore how neurofeedback training can help you or a loved one, contact us to set up a complimentary evaluation with no obligation or strings attached.